A rare Reporting services issue

This post is about a reporting services configuration issue that you will face after changing the database server name. I’ve blogged about Changing SQL Server name and warned on issues with SSRS.

After making a change of the server name, a period later when I run my Report manager I was given this error message:

That’s because of the change of the old SQL Server name “skl-igor-mice2” to “skl-igor-micev”. In the error message from the screen shot the old name is shown.

To resolve this, I had to check the configuration file “rsreportserver.config” which you find in this path (with different instance name) of your server C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSRS12.SQL2014Reporting ServicesReportServer

In the configuration file I made a replacement of the old server name with new one in the <UrlString> element of the xml file:




After that I restarted the SSRS service for any case and managed to open the Report manager.


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