ISJSON() restriction in SQL Server 2016 and not in SQL Server 2017

You should have a database on SQL Server 2016 instance with an In-Memory file group so that you can create tables with the MEMORY_OPTIMIZED option set to ON. Like in the example below

try to create the next constraint

you’ll end up with the following error message

Msg 10794, Level 16, State 95, Line 10
The function ‘isjson’ is not supported with memory optimized tables.

This tip is about the  ISJASON() function that is not currently possible to apply on memory optimized tables in a check constraint.

I set a “Question of the Day” on about it. You can find the discussion here

Update (June 14, 2017):

Later, in SQL Server 2017, some new features were added to the product so this restriction from is not present anymore. You can see the details in the official documentation link.

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