My first Microsoft MVP Award!

Exactly 10 years ago I started my career as a Software developer in a Bank, which for me meant directing my career in the fields of data analysis, processing and data architecture. Fortunately all my next jobs were/are strongly related with data, and today I’m a proud and dedicated database developer, administrator, data analyst and architect.

I must admit that the community made a significant impact on my career, and now, I’m trying to bring back my best by taking part in discussions, answering questions, writing articles and posts and as well as using the social media to quickly twit up or share something new and interesting of the technology.

Therefore I am very proud that I got awarded with the Microsoft MVP Award for my work in the community.

Thanks to everyone who I ever worked with, which for me meant an experience plus and learning something new and different. All those interactions and joint works that we had made me inspired to start my blog and keep being active in the community over the last years! Thank You!


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